Guard dog training tips

Guard dog training tips

It’s not easy for your dog to distinguish between a stranger and a friend, many dog keepers prefer to take their dogs for training from professional expert’s trainers. One can also train his or her dog to be a guard dog very easily, for dogs like the German shepherd who are very intelligent, it’s very easy to train them by following some tips below.

Tips to prepare your German shepherd to be a guard dog

  • One has to get to know the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. A guard dog is mostly meant to alert the owner in case of a stranger or in case of some unusual incidences, they are mostly used by the law enforcement officers. They should only attack once they are commanded to do so.
  • One should determine if his or her dog is a guard dog by nature. Some breeds like the pugs are known to be excellent guard dogs by nature. Other breeds like the German shepherd require training for them to be excellent guard dog, German shepherd can be guard dogs as well as attack dogs.
  • Get to learn the traits of a guard dog. Generally, a guard dog should react aggressively and protect the owner and his or her property. He should always remain obedient to the owner’s command. A guard dog must be confident and once in a new area, he should be curious to explore the surrounding and socialize. When a dog is well socialized, he is able to differentiate between strangers and friends.
  • Ensure you socialize your puppy at a young age that is between 4 to 12 weeks of age. After 12 weeks of age the dog becomes hard to socialize, during this period your puppy should get to meet with new people and different environments. Keep your puppy up to date with the vaccinations and deworming sessions.
  • Teach your dog to obey simple commands. Before beginning the training session, one should ensure that his or her dog can obey simple commands very well.

Training your dog to bark alert

  1. The dog owner must get a trigger word. Many use the word bark or speak, choose another word in order to be unique. Use this word every time you want to command your dog to bark.
  2. Get to practice the command. Tie your dog’s leg;use a leash on a stationary object or post, then get out of his vision. When the dog makes the bark sound, get back and praise and give him treat immediately. Go to different locations of the area and check if the dog is obeying your bark command.
  • Be clear and firm with your bark command. Stick to this command always and test it occasionally during walks, exercise, hiking and other events.
  1. Ask other friends or relatives to test the bark command. Let other family members and relatives pose the bark command to tour dog, if he responds obediently, ensure you reward him.

Teach him the quiet command

  1. At first command him to bark. Command your dog to bark and if he does so, ensure you reward him greatly. Bark and quiet command will help your dog to be a guard dog.
  2. Command him to be quiet or to stop barking. One can knock the door and once the dog starts to bark, you can tell him calmly “it’s okay”, do not use a harsh or un polite words. If he keeps quite, treat him and give reward.
  • Alternate the two commands. Alternate the bark and quite command to get your dog used to them, this will ensure that your dog does not get confused with the two commands. Your dog will see this as a game and the training session becomes more enjoyable.
  1. When a stranger is around the compound, encourage your dog to bark. When your door bell goes off, encourage your dog to bark, once you get to the door give him treat immediately. Don’t encourage him to back when you meet with friends and other relatives.
  2. Repeatedly practice the back and quite command. Repeat these commands regularly, this will help your dog become very perfect guard dog.

During the training session or while following these commands above, ensure you are very friendly with your dog, treat him with patience and give him treats and rewards each time he is obedient to the command.

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