Recommended German shepherd dog fruits

Recommended German shepherd dog fruits

Human food like fruits and vegetables are recommended to feed your dog. Although not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for your dog as they can affect the dog’s digestive system thus causing stomachache and diarrhea. We as the ultimate dog care, in this article we will help you establish the suitable fruits and vegetables to feed your dog.

Good fruits for dogs

1.    Apple.

Most dogs love apples, they are a source of vitamin C and A. when feeding your dog with apples, observe the following to ensure your dog’s safety:

  • Do not feed your dog with the apple seeds as they contain cyanide which is very toxic.
  • Do not give the core to your dog as it can easily choke your dog.
  • Cut the apple into smaller pieces for easy eating.
  • Ensure you do not give your apple too much as they can cause diarrhea.


2.    Bananas.

Dogs can feed on bananas very well, they contain high content of vitamins and fiber. They also have low cholesterol. Bananas should be given as a treat to your dog, they shouldn’t be given as a regular meal, this is because they contain a high sugar content.

One can make the banana diet very tasty and enjoyable to your dog by doing the following;

  • Peel the banana and slice it into smaller pieces.
  • One can mix the banana slices with peanut butter.


3.    Blueberries.

Blue berries are very rich in antioxidants. They help prevent cell damages in human beings. Blue berries help also fight cancer in human being bodies, for the smaller dogs or puppies, there is need to cut the blue berries into slices to prevent chocking.

4.    Mangoes.

A dog either small or senior can feed on mangoes when its peel is removed and also the pit. Mangoes are sources of vitamins and fiber. Even though the mango is very ripe, one should cut the mango into smaller pieces to prevent it from chocking your dog.

5.    Pears.

From the research carried out few months ago, it stated that eating pears reduces the risk of having stroke disease by 49.5 percent in both human beings and dogs. Cut the pears in bite size like and remove the seeds that contain traces of cyanide.

Are canned pears good for dogs?

Canned pears are not good for dogs just like other various canned fruits, this is because they contain a high sugar content which might affect the dog’s digestive system.

6.    Pineapples.

Pineapples are good for dogs, before giving them to dog, ensure you peel off the outside and cut them into smaller pieces.

List of fruits & vegetables that are not recommended for dogs

  1. Grapes. They are very toxic on dogs. They can also easily lead to kidney and liver failure.
  2. Onions.
  • Avocado.
  1. Cherries. They contain cyanide which affects oxygen transport in the dog’s body.
  2. Mushrooms.

Why should I include fruits and vegetables in my dogs diet?

Your dog should feed a well-balanced diet and a low fat diet. Fruits and vegetables will give your dog a high content of vitamins A and C, this will help boost the dog’s immunity system.

Does my dog have an allergy to a certain fruit or vegetable?

Food allergy occurs when the dog’s immunity system misidentifies a protein from food, its body mounts an immune response. One starts to notice the dogs body skin is itchy and other skin infections, some might suffer diarrhea and vomiting.

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