How to reduce German shepherd shedding?

How to reduce German shepherd shedding?

Almost all breed types shed their coat after some time. Some breeds like the German shepherd who are prolific shedders shed the whole year round, how much the dog shed is determined by the weather and seasons. Also the health of a dog is another major factor that determines how much a dog sheds. One cannot prevent shedding but can reduce it. A dog that sheds more than it used to might have healthy issues.

These are the ways or methods to reduce German shepherd shedding and also keep the dogs coat clean and health always:

1.      Feed your dog with a high quality food.

·         Feed your dog with grain and free diet

Although the corn and grain foods are cheap, they are not easily digested. Get food that has meat as the main ingredient in the diet. Quality food always have a high value, foods with high meat content are easily absorbed and digested. They help promote a health skin coat and control shedding, do not feed your dog with supplement foods unless authorized by a veterinary.

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·         Use of olive oil

A teaspoon of olive oil per 5 kg of the dog weight. The oil has omega 3 and fatty acids that help decrease the dandruff’s and make the coat have a smooth texture. One can also give his dog fish oils and fish meat but check out to prevent the fish bones from chocking him.

·         Give dog sufficient water

Dehydration or lack of water can lead to a dry skin, this will cause excessive shedding and also sickness. One can also give foods with high water content or feed him with wet foods.

2.      Proper dog grooming

·         Regular coat brushing

Brush the dog coat regularly, this will remove the dead fur and distribute the fire in all body parts. One can also use the: bristle brush; this brush also is suitable for the short haired breeds with a smooth skin. Slicker brushes for breeds like the retriever with medium hair. Rake brushes are for the dogs with long hair and thick coats.

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·         Use a de shedding tool

For the heavy shedders like the German shepherd, one can also use a de shedding tool. For the dogs with short coat, one can try to use a rubber comb.

·         Regular dog baths

Ensure you give your dog regular baths; this will remove the dead fur or hair. After the bath you can also blow dry your dog but ensure you use a low heat. A cool bath will not only reduce shedding but also will make your dog feel relaxed and cool in hot weather seasons.

·         Use medicated shampoos

You can also use shampoo and other medicated products to keep away fleas and ticks from the dog’s skin, this will also prevent dandruff’s and excessive shedding. Besides one should check out the shampoos very well to ensure they dont cause any allergies on your dog.

What can cause your German shepherd to shed a lot?

  • Some parasites like the fleas, ticks and lice.
  • Fungal, bacterial and other infections.
  • Also giving your dog foods that he is allergic to.
  • Kidney or liver diseases.
  • Some medications.
  • Cancer disease.
  • Dehydration or lack of water.

When the following symptoms persist, seek medical attention for your dog at your vet station;

  1. Skin irritation.
  2. Open sores in dog’s body parts.
  3. Dry hair.
  4. Scratching the skin coat.
  5. Foot licking and also face rubbing.

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