how to keep your dog healthy

how to keep your dog healthy

All the dog keepers who care and love their dogs care on them a lot. If one is a good keeper, one thing to always ensure and keep front regarding your dog is his healthy condition. When your dog is healthy, he will live a long happy lifespan. We as the dog lovers have analyzed some of the best ways to keep your dog healthy.

These are the key areas to maintain in order your dog to have a good health condition;

1.    Good nutrition

Proper nutrition is a key thing in maintaining your dog’s health, not only dog but all other animals including human beings. The diet you feed your dog with will show effect on the dog’s skin and coat, energy levels in his body and his weight. Ensure you purchase the correct food with all nutrients for your dog depending on his age, after some weeks of feeding you will notice a change in your dog’s coat, his energy levels will increase rapidly and also his weight. If your dog is not well feed with balanced diet and some nutrients, this can lead to obesity. Sudden change in food can make your dog to vomiting and diarrhea.

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Also ensure you:

  • Feed him with correct food amount depending on his age.
  • Feed your dog at intervals to prevent bloating.
  • Provide him with water at all times and ensure you change the water twice per day.
  • Ensure the food and water bowls are clean always.

2.    Proper exercise

Many dog keepers do not take their friends that is your dog for a walk or any kind of exercise. Exercise will maintain dog health as it will help your dog burn more fat, strengthen his joints and hips and also it will help your dog’s not to suffer conditions like obesity and many other related health issues. When a dog is well fed and not exercised to release the excess energy, your dog might start misbehaving by destroying your books in order to release energy.

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While out for exercise ensure the following:

  • Ensure your dog has a reflective harness while out for walks in busy roads.
  • While swimming, ensure your dog has put on a life jacket or vest.
  • Also ensure you do not over exercise your dog.

3.    Proper grooming

Ensure you brush your dog’s coat regularly to remove dead skin and fur, for those dogs who shed lightly all year, one can brush twice weekly. During shedding seasons, one can brush once or twice a day to prevent matting. At the end of the shedding season, bathe your dog to keep his coat as clean as possible. Frequent baths and use of shampoos which are not recommended can lead to itchy skin, dandruffs, dry skin and irritation.

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Many tend to forget to clean dog ears at least twice a week, the German shepherd ears absorb dust and collect dirt as they are upright which will make your dog feel irritated and might lead to ear infections. Wipe the ears gently using moistened wipes.

4.    Maintain dental healthy

Many forget on dog’s dental care until they are shocked by the dog’s bad smell from his or her mouth. One should brush the dog’s dental to prevent dental diseases. One can also use oral rinses and feeding dental treats among many others. If one’s dog has dental issues, he or she should immediately consult a vet.

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