How do wireless dog fences work

How do wireless dog fences work

Wireless dog fences are becoming more popular today compared to the electric wired fences which required more efforts to install in a compound. Many pet keepers tend to wonder how the wireless dog fence works. In this article we shall explain how a wireless dog fence works.

How do wireless dog fences work

A wireless dog fence has mainly 2 parts that is;

  1. The transmitter.
  2. The receiver.

The transmitter is set up inside the room at a house which is centrally placed around the yard. When you power on the transmitter, one should set the frequency levels which will determine the area the signal of the fence will cover. You are advised to set a frequency that will cover the shape of your yard.

The receiver that is the dog shock collar, its attached on the dog’s neck and it’s the one that receives signal from the transmitter. When your dog gets near the boundary, the collar produces some beeping sounds. When he crosses the boundary, the collar produces some stimuli like a shock. The stimuli lasts for around 30 seconds and cannot harm your dog in any way.

Wireless dog fence for German shepherd

Choosing the best wireless dog fence for your dog can be very challenging, today there are very many products in the market. Distinguishing the best quality and the poor can be a bit challenging, we as dog keepers and lovers have researched and tested some of the products. We managed to come up with the best wireless dog fence for German shepherd.

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

The product has the following key features;

  1. Half acre circular coverage.
  2. No wire to bury hence hassle free.
  3. Static free entry.
  4. Long life battery.
  5. Simple to install and set up.
  6. Waterproof receiver or collar.
  7. Can accommodate more than one pet; by purchasing more collars.
PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System
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Are shock collars cruel

Shock collars are not simply cruel, they just help you train your dog to stay around the yard and keep off the streets. While your dog is in his kennel, take off his shock collar as it can damage the neck skin making your friend feel irritated.

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