Dogs nail bleeding

Dogs nail bleeding

When clipping the dog’s nails, one might end up making a mess which can lead to bleeding. It’s good to train your dogs to be calm and still during the nail clipping session. During the next session you should be very careful, dog nail bleeding can’t stop by its own, here are some crucial methods to stop your dog nail bleeding.

1.    Styptic powder

Styptic powder or pencil act only for the purpose to stop nail bleeding. Its not only designed for nails but also any kind of cut. These chemical solutions or powdery help stop bleeding very fast and relieve the dogs or cat pain, besides they only cause a little sting. You might need someone to hold your dog as you sprinkle the powder on the bleeding part. This solution makes vessels to contract hence they don’t carry more blood to the affected area.

2.    Using baking soda paste

If you don’t prefer to use the chemical solutions or the powder, one can also use a corn starch or paste. This paste is important because it will act as a bandage hence  help block the blood vessels.

3.    Keep pressure off the wound

One should keep pressure off the affected area because pressure can make the bleeding start again. Although keeping a dog calm and relaxed is very difficult, ensure you hold him calm at least for a half hour. During this time hold a towel or paper to catch any bleeding on the part. Also you can keep his dog or pet occupied using the chew toys.

4.    Bar soap

Wet the bar soap and push the dogs bleeding nail into the bar soap, hold it there for almost 3 minutes. Probably this will help coagulate the blood, certainly if the nail falls off the nail, try the procedure again.

5.    Use of potassium permanganate

This is powder is made of bright crystals and is preferred to stop nail bleeding by the veterans. It also serves as a disinfectant. While using these crystals you will need water and cotton. Moisten the cotton with water so that the crystal can stick, hold the wet cotton with the crystals on the bleeding part for 1 minute.

German shepherd nail trimming

During this grooming session, one has to be very careful to prevent hurting your friend. These are the following crucial steps to follow when nail trimming your dog;

  1. During the session, ensure your dog is calm and relaxed, besides one can go out for exercise with his or her dog and come back to trim.
  2. Spread his legs to inspect the dirt parts of the nail. Hold your dog gently as you his clip the nails. If the dog is anxious, lay him gently on side.
  3. Use  sharp clippers   to cut off  each nail tip. Also,if you accidentally cut the nail, stop pleading using the styptic powder or pencil.
  4. After cutting the nail one should use emery board to smooth the edges.

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Broken dog nails

Its caused by improper nail clipping when trimming the dog’s nails. When you neglect your dog’s nail and they become too long, while walking on rough surfaces they might break very easily.

Some dog breeds are also born with weak nails that occasionally break.

symptoms of broken nails in dogs are;

  1. Limping.
  2. Blood in areas where your dog likes to rest.
  3. Dogs paw becomes swollen.
  4. the dog nail is at a strange angle.
  5. A dog does not let the paw step on the ground while walking.

Treating broken dog nails

Note that these steps are to be followed only when the dogs nail is not broken to the quick.

  • Gently remove the remaining piece of the broken nail.

Remove the dangling piece of nail that is left in order to reduce pain and ensure proper healing of the nail. Also removing the nail will help a new one grow properly.

  • Stop bleeding.

Using the above method, ensure you stop the bleeding.

  • Clean the wound will most importantly help disinfect the wound.
  • Bandage the paw. Change the bandage every day to keep the area affected clean.

Therefore note that, for any complications you consult your vet to stop dog nail bleeding.

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