Can German shepherds swim

Can German shepherds swim

German shepherds have a lot of energy, they need to exercise and release some energy. Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise your German shepherd dog. Many dog keepers tend to wonder whether German shepherd dogs can swim. In the article we will explain whether German shepherds can swim and the swimming requirements for a dog;

Can German shepherds swim

German shepherds are very intelligent dogs thus can swim very well. For the first time they need to be taught some tips. When they are trained very well, they become excellent swimmers. Teaching a German shepherd how to swim should not take long compared to other breeds. Swimming for dogs should involve all the 4 paws. Even after training, you should not let your dog go to swim alone, he should be supervised during the activity. Ensure your dog also has a life jacket or vest.

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Do German shepherds like water

GSD is not a breed that is favored by swimming activity. German shepherds perform activities like herding, guarding and tracking among many activities. GSD are very courageous and energetic in what they do, this will make them love water and become great swimmers.

Do German shepherds have webbed feet

German shepherds do not have webbed feet. Webbed feet make some dog breeds very excellent swimmers just the same way flippers make humans excellent in swimming. Webbed feet has a large surface area which will enable a dog to propel through water very easily and move fast and apply less effort.

Is swimming good for dogs

Swimming is good for dogs as its one of the ways to exercise your dog, burn calories and become fit. While taking your dog to swim, you should observe the following safety measures;

  1. Use a life vest or jacket.

While your dog is swimming in waters where waves are rough, ensure you have a life jacket on him. The life jacket will ensure safety and give your dog confident while swimming.

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  1. Water safety.

Ensure you take your dog to swim in clean water, you should ensure the water is clean so that you prevent your dog from having ear infections, irritations and eye infections. Also your dog should not take the pool water as it might have chemicals that might affect his or her health.

The following are benefits of dog swimming;

  1. It’s a way of exercising your dog and ensure physical fitness. This will make your dog healthy.
  2. When it’s very warm, swimming will cool a dog’s body.

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