Best Wireless Dog Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Your dog’s safety should always come as the first priority, due to many arising companies today some of which only they want to gain money and deliver undesirable products to the end user. We have taken our time to carry out research and we have got some top 5 best wireless dog fence system. Check out the below wireless systems which will suit you best;

Preview Product Name Features Check Price
PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System Pet Safe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System Half acre circular coverage
No wire to bury
Waterproof collar
Long lifespan battery
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WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence 2 in 1 wireless dog fence
2 in 1 dog collar control systems
Rechargeable batteries
All season friendly
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PetSafe Free to Roam Dog PetSafe Free to Roam Dog fence Static free reentry
Simple to setup
Waterproof collar
Long battery life
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JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence Accurate and stable signal
Water resistant collar
Rechargeable and durable battery
Wireless 2 dog fence systems
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Karotezh Electric Dog Fence Karotezh Electric Dog Fence 2 in 1 wireless fence system
Adjustable collar fit
100% waterproof
Easily rechargeable
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Pet Safe Wireless Dog Containment System

This wireless fence covers a maximum area of half acre circular from the place where the transmitter is. This system is wireless and does not contain any wires to burry, this makes work easier and no wastage of time digging the cable trench. Its static free entry, meaning that your pet returns home without being corrected or shocked unlike the traditional systems. The collar is waterproof thus can be used in all weather conditions, the collar is comfortable as its easily adjustable to fit. Its battery is also a long lasting one, it can last up to 2 and a quarter month before indicating low battery.  This system also supports unlimited number of collars from different pets added.

petsafe wireless fence
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WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence system

This is a 2 in 1 wireless dog fence system, it has the recent technology that support accurate and stable signal transmission that is 2.4 G frequency technology. This system can be used in all kinds of terrain as long as you are outside, when your dog goes out of range, the receiver makes a sound and an electrostatic volt shock of about 3.7 low voltage reminds your dog to get back home. The collar has different modes, the training mode provides sound and other warning static functions.

The collar is waterproof and also has reflective straps for your dog’s safety during night walks or running in busy roads. Its batteries are in built and rechargeable, the receiver take 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and the transmitter takes 4 to 5 hours, the battery lasts for weeks when fully charged. When the power is low, the system produces some flash indicators as reminder to charge it.

WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence system
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Karotezh Electric Dog Fence

This system doesn’t require any embedding. The transmitter has different that is the training mode, shock and others, the collar is adjustable and has reflective straps for your dog’s safety during walks and to make it easy to find one dog when lost. The collar receiver is auto rechargeable and is designed with an auto sleep function. The transmitter and collar batteries are both rechargeable, after purchase please charge for at least 4 hours before use. This product has a warranty, in case of problems during the first around 12 months, one can get the product back to the company and get replaced.

Karotezh Electric Dog Fence
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Pet Safe Free to Roam Dog fence

Covers a circular range of half an acre from where the transmitter is placed, no wastage of time as no aisles to burry wires. This system allows a pet free home return unlike the traditional systems. The collar is adjustable to fit the pets neck; long life battery lasts for around 2 months before indicating low power. Unlimited collars can be added to the system and set to match the pet’s personalities.

Pet Safe Free to Roam Dog fence
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JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence

This wireless electric dog fence has a boundary with adjustable levels, that covers from 10 to 1000 ft, it then forms an invisible circular fenceless perimeter. Static electric shock mode will automatically start when the dog exceeds the boundary forcing your dog to return to the compound. This shock is harmless hence no need of one to worry when his or her dog is shocked. The transmit and receive are very strong hence no signal distortion of any kind is experienced in all-weather condition. The collar is also water resistant.


Is wireless fence system and easier solution?

The wireless pet system involves setting the transmitter in the center of the property, from this central place a circular signal creates a no go zone around the compound. There is no boundary wire to dig in, one just plug in and go. These systems can be used to keep pets safe for over 40 years.

how do wireless dog fences work

A wireless dog fence is very simple and easy to set up, one should only get to understand the working of;

  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver

Once the transmitter is powered on, one should set the frequency level which alters the area the fence covers. For most transmitters they are set to reach a radius of 90 ft, some advanced systems one can set the frequency such that it recognizes the benches or the shape of the compound.

A collar attached on the dog is the one that receives signal from the transmitter at home, when the dog gets near the boundary, the transmitter produces some warning beeping sound.

If the dog persists to go beyond, a shock is sent to the collar via prongs located in the collar neck. The correction static shock lasts for around 20 to 25 seconds.

Factors to consider before purchasing a wireless dog fence

  • This wireless dog fence system is not suitable for narrow compounds; the compound should be 30 ft minimum.
  • This collar is not worn indoors as some electric appliances can easily activate it.
  • Heavily wounded areas or enclosed can interrupt the signal or lead to distortion of signal, this makes some parts to become dead spots.
  • For very small pets like the new born puppies and cats, the collar might be very bulky.

Advantages of a wireless dog fence over wired systems.

1.       The set up and installation is very easy.

Setting up the traditional fencing system is not very easy, this is because one is required to dig a trench for the cables, this installation process will also consume a lot of time.

2.       This system supports many pets.

Multiple pets or dogs can easily be twigged in the same wireless fence system very easily, one only requires to add more collars to the system.

3.       Durable equipment’s that is the transmitter and receiver.

The collar is very easy to install, one thing with the wireless system is that it can be used in all weather conditions. Not like the wired systems which can be affected by rains or the might be cut of mistakenly when digging the compound.

4.       Portability.

The wireless system is easily portable, in case one is migrating from one place to another. One can disconnect the systems easily and set up in the new place. The traditional system, one had to dig out the cable in the initial place and plant it in the new compound, this can be very tiresome and cumbersome.

5.       This system doesn’t affect your compound or the landscaping.

A wireless fence does not affect landscaping, not like the traditional system which requires digging of trenches thus making one’s compound look unlovely.

Training your pet not to go beyond the fence boundary

  1. Show boundary to your dog or other pets.

Ensure you use the tone settings only, turn on the collar and once you approach the boundary and it produces some alert sound, then get back some steps to the safer area, if your dog also gets back to the safer area with you, reward him greatly with some treat. Repeat this in various sides of the compound. At these places set up the flags.

  1. Introduce the static shock correction.

Introduce shock to your dog and if he ignores, increase more frequency to increase the shock strength.

After successful training, take off the leash from your pet and also the flags.

Ensure you make these training sessions short and after the session you take off the collar and allow play time.

The above article is from experienced pet keepers; we hope it will help you to the best. The above products are also recommended by the vets. Also check out articles below:

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