Best shock collar for german shepherd

Best shock collar for german shepherd

Shock collar is a very essential tool in dog training field. They are used to correct bad behaviors and teach how to obey simple basic commands. In this guide, we have analyzed best shock or e collar for your German shepherd.
SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers 500 range e-collar
For dogs 8 pounds or larger
7 training modes
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Dog care training collar Dog care training collar Covers up to 330 yard range
3 training modes
No accidental shocks
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TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Training Collar TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Training Collar 200 FT remote range
3 training modes
100% waterproof
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PATPET Dog Shock Collar PATPET Dog Shock Collar 1000 ft range
Extra long life battery
16 levels of shock mode
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Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar Covers half mile range
For dogs 5 pounds or larger
100 levels of shock simulation
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Types of dog collars

  • Shock collar.
  • Choke collar.
  • Martingale collar.
  • Head collar.
  • Prongs collar.

Shock collar

Shock collars were used to train hunting dogs. Today they are used to correct dog behaviors and teach a dog to obey basic commands.

Do shock collars work

Shock collars work by producing a certain kind of stimulation which is acted upon on the dog at the moment when he does something negative hence he stops. The stimulus is not always a static shock, can also be beeping sound, vibration or light.

The best shock collar that we recommended for your dog is:

Sport dog brand 425x remote shock collar.

The collar has the following features;

  • The collar covers a range of 500 yards.
  • Can support 3 dogs using a single remote.
  • Its waterproof.
Sport dog brand 425x remote shock collar.
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Educator training shock Collar.

This remote collar has the following features;

  • Covers half mile range.
  • Supports dogs 5 pounds or larger.
  • Durable and long lasting lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries.
Educator training shock Collar.
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Choke collar

Choke collars are not recommended for trainers who do not have the experience to use it, it’s not advisable to leave your pet with the collar while un attended.

These collars work such that when a dog leash is pulled, the collar pulls tightly around the neck causing the dog to choke itself, the dog has to relax back in order to loosen the tension on leash and collar.

Are choke collars bad for dogs

Unlike the martingale collars, there is no way one will be able to control how much the choke chain tightens, this can harm your dog or pet by strangling or chocking. It’s advisable to use more humane collars and avoid using choke collars. Its recommended to use shock collars if one wants to correct a dog’s behavior and teach him obedience.

Martingale collar.

best martingale collar

  • Blueberry Pet martingale collar

This collar is very durable and does not stretch itself. They have a polyester fabric of high density webbing to enhance durability.

Blueberry Pet martingale collar
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Note that a dog shouldn’t be left with this collar unattended.

 is a martingale collar a choke collar

Martingale collars are comfortable as they have a soft fabric padding around the dog’s neck. This makes it difference from chock collars as they have metal against the dog skin on the neck. Martingale collars are more recommended compared to choke collars.

how to use a martingale collar

Slip the collar over the dog’s head. At the neck, adjust it to a fitting size. To ensure your dog is comfortable and not strangled, fit 2 fingers in between the collar and the neck, they should fit well without strain.

Head collar.

Head collars offers a dog owner the opportunity to correct dog’s behavior like pulling and sniffing while walking.

best head collar for dogs

  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Head collar

The collar is gentle and safe to control negative behavior like leash pulling, lunging and jumping. The company offers a one-year chew replacement warranty. It has a comfortable neoprene padded loop and collar thus putting pressure on the neck back and not throat, this prevents chocking.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head collar
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  •   are head collars cruel

Many manufactures will tell you that head halters are good while training your dog. Dog keepers use them to control dog pulling, prong collars are cruel so one should purchase a harness.

what size collar for German shepherd

For one to get to know the size of his or her dogs collar, he has to get the measurements of his dog’s neck;

 how to measure the dog neck size?

  • Measure the largest part of the dog’s head and middle of his neck.
  • One also can measure the existing collar between the points where it fastens.
  • Most breeds like the German shepherds 18 to 24 inches require a large size collar.

Best collar for German shepherd.

The best collar for your dog has the following qualities or key features that one should check out while purchasing a collar;

  •   Light weight.

The collar should be light weight to prevent the dog from being weighed down by the collar. A heavy collar, the dog is going to claw it off, it will make him feel irritated.

  •   Well fitting

A big size collar can easily slip off the dog’s neck. A small collar also can easily choke or damage the dogs skin. Ensure you first measure your dog’s neck size in order to get a well-fitting collar.

  •  Material making the collar

Ensure you choose a collar that will be durable. A nylon material lasts long, its water resistant. Leather collars can be irritating if they are chemically treated.

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