Best shampoo for German shepherd

Best shampoo for German shepherd

German shepherds skin is very sensitive; we prefer one to use a shampoo with many natural ingredients as possible. After comparing a variety of dog shampoos, we managed to get 5 best shampoo for German shepherd that will leave him clean and with a sweet scent smell.

The following are the top 5 shampoos:

Preview Product Name Key Features Check Price
Healthy Breeds Herbal Avocado Shampoo Healthy Breeds Herbal Avocado Shampoo Natural and herbal shampoo
Remove dry crusty or dead skin
No harmful irritants or chemicals
Warm avocado that you will love
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4-Legger All Natural shampoo 4-Legger All Natural shampoo Organic natural shampoo
Natural relief from itchy skin
Deodorizing and moisturizing
Nice scent smell
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Earthbath Dog shampoo Earthbath Dog shampoo Ph balanced
colloidal oatmeal and honey
No colorants
its natural and safe
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Lillian Ruff Professional Dog Shampoo Lillian Ruff Professional Dog Shampoo High concetrate shampoo
Lavender coconut scent
Money back guarantee
Natural anticeptic
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WAHL Oatmeal Dog/Pet Shampoo WAHL Oatmeal Dog/Pet Shampoo Rich lather and easy rinse
Gentle and moisturizing
Natural ingredients
coconut lime verbena scent
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Features of quality German shepherd shampoo

  • A balanced ph value-when choosing a dog shampoo, ensure that its ph value is around 7.
  • Moisturizing-the shampoo should contain skin moisturizers honey and aloe Vera. This helps keep boat shepherds skin and coat moisturized which is more important. This also helps if your dog is recovering from skin illness.
  • Deodorizing-this helps keeps your dog fresh during intervals of bath.
  • Natural ingredients-the shampoo should not contain chemicals as the German shepherds skin is very sensitive.
  • Soap free-shampoo with soap can leave the dogs skin dry, removing the skins natural oils thus leaving the German shepherd irritated.
  • Hypo allergic –the shampoo should contain hypo allergic ingredients; the shampoo we have listed above are examples of hypo allergic shampoo.

Below are the top best recommended shampoo

1.      Healthy breeds herbal avocado shampoo

This dog shampoo may be used dry itchy skin, it’s safe to use on dogs with allergies or sensitive skin. Its keeps away ticks and is natural and gentle with avocado extracts that soothes, moisturizes and nourishes a dog’s skin and coat.

With this type of dog shampoo, no more worries on crusty scales and dead skin as it removes all this without scratching or hurting your dog, it’s very effective against coats with flea infestation and grass leaves the coat with a silky feeling and avocado scent that you will purely natural thus has no harmful chemicals contained.

2.      4-legger all natural dog shampoo

This shampoo is approved by the National Organic Program as it has no artificial or synthetic chemicals, its free from detergents and preservatives. it is safe and non-toxic with great smell that reduces skin irritation, swelling, hot spots, itching, rushes and relieves insect bites on skin.

It hydrates the dogs skin to improve hair follicles strength and health. The ingredients are 100% biodegradable; we are pet parents who care about the quality of ingredients.

3.      Earth bath dog shampoo

It is made in the USA, it is safe, effective and natural. Earth bath contains oatmeal and honey to moisturize dry skin and give fur a super shine. The ph is well balanced hence cannot irritate the dogs skin or coat.



4.      WAHL Oatmeal dog or pet shampoo

This type of shampoo leaves a German shepherd coat clean and healthy with less shedding. Its alcohol free and with a balanced ph, it has a fresh smelling coconut lime verbena scent. It has a rich lather and easy to rinse making bath time easy. Wahl shampoo is the right choice for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals. The well being of a pet starts with being well groomed. Grooming a pet is made easy by using Wahl’s extensive line of grooming products.



5.      Lillian ruff professional dog shampoo

This dilution ratio of the shampoo is 30:1 thus its suitable to lather your dogs coat and clean it deeply without removing hair. It is a natural and makes rinsing easy task, it leaves the German shepherd with a fresh smell that lasts for days. Itchy skin frustrates the dog too much thus this shampoo contains aloe Vera which sooth and moisturizes the dog’s skin, it helps maintain a healthy, shiny and smooth coat. It’s the most suitable for German shepherds with a sensitive skin. Its formulated with coconut and lavender which leaves your dog with a great scent and also makes the coat shine for days. Lavender relieves pain and stress. Coconut oil helps boost the German shepherd’s immune, also the two ingredients helps repel of fleas and ticks. Your dog is part of your family and you want the absolute best for them.




Various types of German shepherd shampoos.

  • Medicated shampoo-this is a medicinal purpose shampoo that protects and cures a German shepherd skin is made of antibacterial or anti-fungal ingredients.
  • Black shampoo-this is specifically used on dogs with a black coating, this is to enhance coloration. For black German shepherds mostly consider it.
  • Flea and Tick Control Shampoo-Regularly dogs should be cleaned with this shampoo to protect them against flea and ticks, for those living in areas common with these pests should take the least minimum interval to clean their pet. This type of shampoo has ingredients that keep ticks and fleas away from the pet’s coat or skin.
  • Puppy shampoo-this shampoo has extra gentle ingredients and its designed not to irritate the puppy by any means., this is best for a puppy between 1 and 12 months old.
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo-this is commonly used for dogs with a very sensitive skin, this shampoo does not irritate a protects a pet from skin infections and keeps the coat clean.
  • Aloe Vera shampoo-this cools and sooth a skin or coat of the German shepherd. This also is used on dogs with a very sensitive skin just like the hypoallergenic shampoo.

How to reduce German shepherd shedding?

Daily Brushing will remove dead fur and reduce shedding, it will also will prevent matting and maintain a healthy skin by taking of dead cell on the skin, while brushing, use a rake kind of brush, then brush opposite of the direction of the hair.

German shepherds have 2 coats; the thicker outer coat and the soft under coat that provides additional insulation. Its hair requires a lot of care. Sheer quantity of hair on German shepherd is a sign that a large amount of shedding is going to occur. There is specific type of shampoos that will minimize the high shedding, they contain ingredients that will keep their hairs healthy for long. Something to note is that these shampoo does not eliminate all shedding, however some high quality shampoo will make a notable difference when it comes to shedding. This is one high quality shampoo below:

The Lilian ruff dog shampoo

Can one use human oatmeal shampoo on dogs?

The main reason why oatmeal is used in dog shampoo is that it can effectively relieve itching skin and is great for overall skin health, in dog’s oatmeal shampoo can also moisturize the itchy skin and keep away fleas and ticks.

Check out the Wahl oatmeal shampoo and am sure it will suit you best.

How to wash or shampoo a German shepherd?

German shepherds regardless of the weather clean them with warm water, this is because they are very sensitive and exposing them to cold water might lead to sickness. These are steps to undertake when grooming your German shepherd:

        I.            Brush hair

Use a rake like brush and brush to the opposite of the German shepherd’s hair, this will help remove the dead skin and also the dead cells on the coat. Long haired German shepherds can have knots and tangles, brushing takes them off easily.

      II.            Make German shepherd wet

After brushing your German shepherd well, safely pour the warm water on the pet so that the shampoo can easily lather him and get to his coat layers.

    III.            Shampoo the shepherd

Use a good amount of shampoo and ensure you scrub the German shepherd effectively with your fingers and ensure the shampoo gets down to the skin. Be extra careful to ensure that you don’t get any products into the shepherd’s ears or eyes as they may cause irritation, and some infections.

    IV.            Rinse

Once it’s well shampooed, take your time and rinse the pet, for German shepherds it’s very important to rinse it after bath. Proper rinse helps prevent irritation and coat damage due dry leftover shampoo.

      V.            Condition the Shepherd

After you have rinsed, use a conditioner.

    VI.            Rinse the dog again

Again rinse him thoroughly before drying him with a towel.

  VII.            Dry

If your dog tolerates, you may blow dry him or take him outside to dry. Ensure you have taken out any products or residue in their ears carefully. Excess moisture build up can lead to ear infections mainly in the German shepherds deep ear canal.


How often should I shampoo a German shepherd?

If your German shepherd has a healthy coating, we recommend one to bath the German shepherd every four to five months once. If you over bath the shepherd, natural oils produced by the skin depletes and they are very useful to keep his fur healthy.

Else if you don’t give him a bath, this will lead to accumulation of oils on his skin hence the pet produces an odor and unhealthy coat.

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Is it normal for German shepherds to shed a lot?

German shepherds are known for shedding a lot and some also shed more than others. They usually shed seasonally a year and also they might blow their coats, massive hair dropping event occasionally, for young German shepherd puppies, they are known to have soft coats for first few weeks after birth.

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Is it advisable to use more shampoo than normal with a German shepherd?

This is a more frequent asked question. This mainly depends on the sheer amount of hair on the German shepherds body. When using normal amount safe as the one you use on other breeds, it might be difficult to clean every single hair on your shepherd.

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German shepherd dandruff

German shepherd dogs are known for their intelligence and work ethic, they have tendency to shed and their need for consistent leadership. They require long term commitment to their health and well being and this includes skin conditions and a tendency toward dandruff.

v  Definition of dandruff

There are 2 forms or types of dandruff; primary and secondary dandruff. The primary type is usually an inherited condition and secondary is typically caused by underlying health conditions.

The common types are:

  1. Seborrhea– this is a skin condition that causes flaky skin and can lead to secondary infection of the skin.
  2. Cheyletiella Mange-this is caused by parasite that lives on the skin appearing like small skin flakes while moving on the dog.

v  Symptoms of dandruff

Dandruff’s illustrate that your German shepherds skin is dry. You can check dandruff’s on your shepherd by parting his hair and looking directly to the skin and check if there are dandruff’s.

Other symptoms include the following:

  • Loss of hair.
  • Greasy hair coat.
  • Excess greasiness to the skin.
  • Secondary infection.
  • Increased scale formation.


v  How to prevent dandruff

One should  identify the original cause, in many incidences  is due to allergy due to some food or other external factors like plants, one should prevent the German shepherd from associating with those kind of foods or plants. To determine the source of allergy, one is likely to run some diagnoses test with skin scrapping to check external parasites or even pluck hair in the affected areas.

Tips top prevent dandruff

  1. Give your German shepherd a high quality food with a good amount of fat in the diet to keep the fur shiny and skin healthy.
  2. Carefully treat your German shepherd for underlying diseases like allergies and other disorders.
  • Bath your German shepherd regularly to keep dandruff away. Though one should be careful not to over bath the shepherd.
  1. Use  medicated shampoos keep away dandruff’s like the Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo shampoo.
  2. Brush the German shepherd daily, this will make him feel good and also keep the fur smooth and shiny. This will also help distribute the natural oils on the skins coat.
  3. One can also use anti-fungal dandruff treatments.

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