Best German Shepherd Dog Bed

Best German Shepherd Dog Bed

GSD is a very hard working dog and in turn it deserves a suitable shelter equipment’s. A quality dog bed will enhance the dog’s health as it will enhance healthy joints and hips through the lifespan. We love dogs and also care for the dog keepers, we have analyzed the best quality dog beds in the market today. One can check them out and purchase:

Preview Product Name Key Features Check Price
Fur-haven Pet Dog Bed Fur-haven Pet Dog Bed Easy to clean
Allows various sleeping positions
Easy on joints
Smooth sleep surface
Available in different colours and materials
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Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed 3 inch layer of shreeded orthopedic layer
Easily portable
Light weight
Soft and supportive
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Coolaroo elevated pet bed Coolaroo elevated pet bed Off the ground design
Its suspended and flexible
Fabric is flea and pest resistance
Light weight
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PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Skin contact safe fabric cover
Available in all sizes
Easy to clean
Smart design
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Orvis Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed Orvis Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed light weight
easly portable
Easy to clean
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Key factors to consider when purchasing quality dog bed.

Bed dimensions

The width and length dimensions can be easily obtained, stretch your dog to measure its length, ensure you measure up to the tail tip. The other important dimension is to measure your dog’s abdominal part, this is to ensure the dog covers the whole abdominal part and also gives an allowance to role. Also ensure you take into account the dogs weight so as to get a bed that will withstand the dogs pressure.


Thickness is another important aspect of a quality dog bed, the thicker the bed, the more comfortable it is. Dogs with massive weight require a thicker mattress.


One should check the softness and hardness of the bedding. The bed part that lies on the floor should be hard for support, softness is needed in the beds top part or layer. If your dog suffers problems like joint pain or arthritis and other severe conditions, one can add a cushion on the beds top layer.


A portable bed is suitable for those keepers who go camping out there or go for trips as they will have an easy time when transporting the bed to their destinations. Also when moving into a new apartment it will be easy to carry the bed.

Easy cleaning

Also select a bed that will give you an easy time when cleaning or grooming your pet. With this I don’t mean or advice one to select a bed that is made of a nylon material, nylon material or covers will irritate your dog and he won’t have a comfort sleep.

Recommended types of dog bed

         I.            Fur-haven Pet Dog Bed

This bed design allows your dog to sleep in a variety of positions. It has cushioned headrest space and good corners for snuggling into. The sleep surface is very smooth, it has materials which are gentle on noses and paws thus providing excess comfort. The base is made of crate egg foam; this helps distribute body weight to improve circulation.

Fur-haven Pet Dog Bed
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       II.            Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

The layer of shredded memory foam eliminates pressure at points and increases breath ability. Its portable and light weight thus easily compatible, it soft and releases pressure to relieve achy joints and hip dysplasia. This is one of the hip dog bed type.

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed
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     III.            Coolaroo elevated pet bed

The are available in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large. It has an off the ground design which helps keep the pet cool and a free air flow in all directions. The fabric enhances the cooling effect of the fur coat. The suspending and flexibility reduces stress on all joints, the fabric is also resistance to fleas and other pests. One can easily carry the bed from one place to another as its very portable and light weight.

   Coolaroo elevated pet bed
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     IV.            Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed

It has a solid 4-inch memory foam for more comfort and reduce arthritis. It made of a durable and comfortable polyester. Pet fusion bed has a good design, its water resistant cover, it’s easy to clean as it has a removable cover. One is advised not use bleach when washing.

Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed
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Common dog bed materials

 Memory foam

It’s also referred to as orthopedic foam. This material softens when it comes in contact with body heat, it may be shredded or compressed into a solid.

 Support foam

This is cheaper and can be used as an alternate to the memory foam. Support foam refers to a standard poly foam; this does not soften with body heat encounter. It’s not suitable for the dogs with orthopedic issues.

  Poly fiber

Beds with poly fiber have a similar texture to bean bags. Bed with this material disperse around the dog’s figure, this bed cannot support dogs with massive weight.


A bed can be filled with cedar shavings and also poly fiber included for extra cushion and comfort. This material is not comfortable but its included as its repellent to the fleas and odor.


Best dog bed designs

  • Cushion or pillow bed

This bed is flat, its surfaces are even and on the sides it’s not raised. Most of them are rectangular, they resemble mattress kind of. Also circular and square shape of are available.

  • Orthopedic bed

These beds provide support to dogs with critical joint problems and other issues. They are thicker with a large cushion to support the dog’s bones. This kind of bed is also suitable for the older dogs. They have waterproof feature.

  • Sofa bed

Just like the name suggests, it looks like a standard sofa as it has a raised back wall and two raised arms. It might also come along with pillows depending on what the company offers.

  • Heated bed

This kind of bed requires electricity supply. The heated warm surface supports the joints and also makes the dogs body feel relaxed.

Are elevated dog beds the best?

These kind of beds have no stuffing at all. It’s also easy to clean and easily portable. Elevated beds are better than puffy or foam beds.

Benefits of an elevated dog bed

  • Its raised some centimeters high above the ground thus provides your pet with comfortable temperatures.
  • Its easily portable and light weight.
  • Has no stuffing for the dog to chew?
  • Easily to clean; this favors the keepers with allergies.

Is there an indestructible dog bed?

K9 chew resistant dog bed is designed for light chewers. This bed is not suitable for the dogs that have extreme chewing. It has a cover that is made out of a durable water resistant material that can be easily cleaned.

Steps to waterproof a dog bed

  • Clean the dog bed

Before waterproofing a used bed, first make sure it is clean, wash the cover and the bed foam with some detergents. Ensure before getting to the next step they are dry.

  • Wrap the foam

Wrap bin liner around the foam and maintain it in place using a duct tape.

  • Replace the cover

Slide the foam bed into the cover and zip it. When the dog urinates, you will need to wash the cover and throw away the bin liner rather than washing the foam.

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