Best e collar for German shepherd

Best e collar for German shepherd

E collars are modern shock collars used to train and correct German shepherd behaviors. The modern e collars have different levels of stimulation which can be adjusted. In this article we have analyzed the best e collars for German shepherd.

  • SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

The e collar can cover 500 range yard. It fits dogs 8 pounds and larger, this system can be used to train 3 dogs using the same remote transmitter. The system has 7 levels of static stimulation. Both the receiver and transmitter are 100% waterproof, the batteries charge for around 2 hours and will last for about 100 to 140 hours. When the battery is low, they indicate. This is the best e collar for German shepherd and other dogs.

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers
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  • Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

This system will cover half a mile range. Its suitable for dogs 5 pounds or larger. The battery charges fully for about 2 hours. Has user selectable static simulation levels from 1 to 100.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar
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  • PATPET Dog E Collar

The e collar has safe and effective training modes, the remote has an ergonomic design. The receiver and transmitter have lithium batteries which are rechargeable and lasts long.  Receiver will work for about 55 days and transmitter for about 12 days after full charge. The system covers a 330-yard range.

PATPET Dog E Collar
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  • Flittor E Collar for Dogs

This system provides a 2500ft training range. It has 3 effective training modes, the receiver is water resistant and the battery rechargeable and lasts long after full charge.

Flittor E Collar for Dogs
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Dogtra 200c vs 280c

Dogtra 280c is the best remote training dog system. The main differences between the two systems have been analyzed in the table below.

Dogtra 200c Dogtra 280c
Has 100 different levels of static simulation Has 127 static simulation levels
It has a dial on the handheld remote Has a twist dial on the remote top
The simulation levels are on the dial Has a LCD screen that shows the simulation levels as you adjust


The features that are similar on dogtra 200c and 280c are the following;

  1. Both are for dogs above or equal to 10lbs.
  2. Both are designed for small dogs with medium tempers.
  3. They are all waterproof.
  4. Don’t have sound training option.
  5. Both systems can work when the collar and the receiver is ½ mile range apart.
  6. There batteries have a 2-hour quick charge.

Dogtra arc vs 1900s

Both collar systems are the first to be released with modern receivers and are more ergonomic. Both will help teach your dog to obey basic commands and stop unwanted behaviors.

The following are the similarities between the 2 e collar systems;

  1. They cover a ¾ mile range.
  2. Fully waterproof.
  3. Low profile ergonomic receivers.
  4. 2-hour battery full charge.

The differences between dogtra arc and 1900s are analyzed by the table below;

Dogtra arc Dogtra 1900s
Medium power stimulation High power stimulation
Suitable for dogs 15 pounds and above Recommended for dogs 20 pounds and large
Expandable to a 2 dog system Its non-expandable

Tricks for the e collar mini educator

Sometimes mini educator e collar has some common problems which many trainers encounter, the collar is very easy to trouble shoot. The following are possible reasons why your mini educator dog e collar isn’t working and a trouble shooting guide.

  1. The remote and the receiver does not turn on.

If both the receiver and transmitter are not turning on, ensure you charge them, when they are charging they will show a green light. When they are fully charged they should turn on.

  1. Collar not responding.

Turn on the remote and press the button of simulation to check if the collar will receive the signal. If the two are not synchronized, the signal won’t be received by the collar.

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