Best dog harness for German shepherd

Best dog harness for German shepherd

Generally, German shepherds are huge and very strong dogs. Therefore, you need the best dog harness for a German shepherd for you to take him for a walk or run. Choosing the right German shepherd harness is not just a walk in the park because you have to put several factors into consideration. For example, if your dog pulls on the leash or your dog size etc.

In this article, we will review some of the top best harnesses for German shepherd as listed below.

Preview Product name Key Features Check Price
Ruffwear harness Ruffwear harness Adjustable shoulder,chest and belly straps for customized fit
Full range of motion for walking or running
Easy on and off
Sturdy and light weight nylon material
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EXPAWLORER Big Dog  No Pull Harness EXPAWLORER Big Dog No Pull Harness Best Big dog no pull harness
All sizes available
Has extra handle for easy control
Has reflective strap for safety
Check Price on Amazon
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Easy to put on your dog
Even distribution of pressure to body
Has slide straps for creating custom fit
Has reflective straps for safety
Check Price on Amazon
JUXZH Truelove Soft dog Harness JUXZH Truelove Soft dog Harness Scratch resistant,comfortable,lightweight and ergonomic design
Easy seat belt attachment
Sponge padding in chest
Durable and sturdy
Check Price on Amazon
Embark Adventure Harness Embark Adventure Harness Amazing look and quality harness
100% satisfaction guarantee
Compatible with seat belts
Easy control handle on back
Check Price on Amazon
PoyPet Harness PoyPet Harness Comfort during hiking,hunting and running
Easy to clean and quick dry
Reflective stitching for visibility at night
Easy Customization of straps with room for growth
Check Price on Amazon
BARKBAY  Reflective Dog Harness BARKBAY Reflective Dog Harness Ultra reflective stripes
Easy to put on
Anti chafe padding
Easy lift handle
Check Price on Amazon
PHOEPET Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness PHOEPET Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness Unique colours
Adjustable vest
Soft handles
Has front hooks on chest to reduce pulling
Check Price on Amazon

Below are the key features we considered when picking top-rated German shepherd harness

  • Adjustable shoulder, belly and chest straps gets a customized fit with room for growth, a perfect fit makes your dog comfortable and easily moves during its activities. Chest strap allows your dog more comfort and easy breathing.
  • Fast and secure hard plastic buckles, they are tough to keep your dog fastened in his harness. An ordinary plastic could easily break, also the dog could chew the plastic and break. Stretch the buckles to ensure they won’t tear apart or separate.
  • Soft padding, this ensures ultimate comfort during walking, hiking and any outdoor adventures, it is also lightweight, durable and suitable for all season use.
  • Large handle, a padded handle is designed for easy grabbing and assisting, small loop for extra control and convenient hanging, it’s easy to assist your dog over obstacles or gain instant control while out for training. It is also for helping old or disabled dogs go up and down stairs get on and off vehicles, it’s important for pet support.
  • Bright reflective straps to provide added visibility, this also provides added safety during when walking or running in the dark.
  • Scratch Resistant outer-layer material which is durable and weatherproof for all seasons, it is very easy to clean, quick to dry and keeps optimal comfort while exercising.
  • No pull front ring and back ring, front ring helps redirect your dogs forward motion making the dogs legs off the ground when suddenly pulls, this helps the dog learn to walk beside you. Back ring is suitable for well-trained dog for hiking.

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What are the various types of dog harness?

  • No pull harness this is specifically designed for dogs that pulls while moving. Leash is attached to the front of harness on strap that runs across the chest. If the dog pulls on the leash, its automatically pulled towards the handler hence reducing the pulling strength of the dog.
  • Padded harness, this type of harness holds firmly the dogs joint and muscles. this is suitable for older German shepherds, the leash attaches on the back of the harness hence its suitable for dogs that often pull hard this is because the pulling point on the front of the harness steers them backwards.
  • Car harness with seat belt, this is a safety measure for those who ride cars with their German shepherd, it’s held tightly by the seat belt clip. In case of an accident the dog is not ejected from the vehicle, the soft padding in the harness prevents muscle and joint injuries. In cases of stubborn dogs, the seat-belt prevents the dog from jumping one seat to the other hence distracting the driver which might lead to cause of accidents.
  • Reflective harness, this is mostly needed for those who walk or run with their German shepherd in low light or along busy traffic roads, drivers may not have a clear vision to dogs immediately especially the dark breeds.

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Top 8 best German shepherd  harness detailed review

Ruff wear harness

Ruff wear harness
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This is high quality harness as it is enhanced to control your dog without risk of strained on throat and also it gives suitable comfort while walking or running. front leash attachment encourages dogs to keep pace with humans, it redirects the pullers and keeps them facing forward. The ruff wear also inspires outdoor adventures for explores.

Something to note is that this type of harness is not crash tested thus it’s not meant to protect your dog from car crash effects. It’s not heavy duty enough to keep the dog safe in car crash.

Check out Ruff wear load up harness which has been crush tested and it’s made of components that will protect your dog in case of car crash.

EXPAWLORER Big Dog No Pull Harness

EXPAWLORER Big Dog No Pull Harness
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There are 3 sizes and 7 colors for your multi choices, its durable and has a perfect handle for quick grabbing. It is sturdy to help in control. Has a wide and long reflector which is really bright at night to keep your dog safe as its easily visible by motorists and drivers while on road. This will help get a better control experience and make walking with your dog a pleasure. It also makes the dog feel very comfortable while standing, sitting, walking or running.


Rabbit goo Dog Harness

JUXZH Truelove Soft Dog Harness
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This type of harness is very easy to put on and off hence its hassle free. The other advantage is that it cannot chock the German shepherd, this is because the pulling pressure circulates evenly to the shepherd’s body. Rabbit goo dog harness also has a reflective strap which ensure the dogs safety while out for a walk, the soft breathable material makes your dog enjoy wearing it.



JUXZH Truelove Soft Dog Harness

JUXZH Truelove Soft Dog Harness
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It has a Dra flex buckle which has a great loading capacity that swiftly improves its tensile, its nylon webbing that is easily visible (reflective) ensures good visibility of the dog at night. True love dog harness does the best to protect the dog against injuries than a collar. This harness teaches your German shepherd not to be stubborn as pressure from harness circulates around the German shepherds body.



Embark Adventure Harness

Embark Adventure Harness
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For this type, we guarantee you will love it 100%, the harness is made of no rip nylon and soft comfortable padding. It can be adjusted on the shepherd’s stomach and neck to keep the dog comfortable and to fit only take few seconds to wear on and off then start adventure without time wastage. This harness is suitable for walking, hiking and also camping.



PoyPet Harness

PoyPet Harness
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The design of the harness helps prevents chocking or other injuries when pulling by reducing pulling pressure on the dog’s neck, reflector straps for safe night and morning walks or run, the extra handle gives extra control to guide the dog. The back strong metal D-ring helps in relaxed walks. It’s also works in all weather conditions, even at low temperatures. With poypet harness you will enjoy a stress free walk and have the best moment with your best friend.



BARKBAY Reflective Dog Harness

BARKBAY Reflective Dog Harness
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The broad padded dog harness with round neck construction provides extra protection and comfort to the dog, it eliminates pressure from dog’s neck and prevents neck allows shoulders freedom movement and the padding make it comfortable for hours of active wear.




PHOEPET Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness

PHOEPET Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness
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Regular exercise and outdoor play is a good way to keep your German shepherd active and satisfied and well behaved hence this type of harness is essential. The handle on the back is helpful in controlling dogs a bit closer to you when they are trying to lunge at something, it’s also convenient to assist dogs into the also has four slide buckles which are adjustable and you can adjust it to the best size.




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Is harness good for German shepherd?

Harness reduces his pulling strength, a padded harness cushions the dog’s joints and muscles for also works excellently for older German shepherds or for the handicapped dogs which require aid.

What size of harness does a German shepherd need?

For the young dogs of weight 55lbs, one may purchase a harness which has a girth at 18-29” & width ¾”. Adult shepherds with weight up to 75lbs, purchase a large size harness with a girth of 22-39” and 1” width.

How to measure a dog for a harness?

To measure a dog, wrap the measuring tape around the broad shepherd’s chest, this is behind front legs, ensure that measuring tape is snug but not tight, note down the measurement. Weigh the dogs weight and note the weight as well.

Between collar and harness, which is suitable for your German shepherd?

A collar may be sufficient for German shepherds that are well behaved, for German shepherds that are stubborn and pull hard, I prefer one to use harness rather than a collar. There are many issues with walking with a German shepherd while leading, one is that dog pull can cause throat injury and discomfort. Harness are mostly designed to offer comfort and control of the pulling behavior. A harness also discourages a dog from jumping up on strangers.

How to teach a German shepherd to stop pulling?

During this training session I recommend one to use the no pull harness that a suggested above, German shepherd will learn this best with positive reinforcement training. This type of harness helps one have easy control of your German shepherd by steering them to the desired direction and distributing the pressure throughout their body.

How to make your German Shepherd used to a harness?

German shepherds are very intelligent and can be trained to perform a variety of tasks. This breed is used for law enforcement and military tasks all over the world, but all this starts with some basic training. These are the few steps to undertake for German shepherds basic training:

  • German shepherds will get used to their harness with positive reinforcement training. This training uses treats, toys and will help them get used to wearing the harness with no time. To start the training have a high value treats.
  • It’s best to start slow and go at the dogs pace. At first place the harness on the floor and allow your dog to see it and sniff it as much as it wants.
  • Next put the harness on your German shepherd, while equipping the dog with the harness, treat them for being brave.
  • After getting the harness on the German shepherd successfully, allow it to walk around the house or compound and get used to the feel and scent of the harness. Ensure the harness does not restrict the movement of the dog.
  • Once the German shepherd is comfortable with the harness, now it’s time to make a walk. Take short walks around the house while the dog is still wearing the harness and slowly increase the length of walks.
  • Be patient as the German shepherd adapts to the harness. The training sessions should be short and positive, also never force the German shepherd to do something against its will.

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