Best brush for German shepherd

Best brush for German shepherd

When one looks at a dog that looks neat and healthy, he feels great and proud, this is same to me as a German shepherd dog lover. In the market today there are many grooming tools but most of them are not recommended as they have negative on dog’s skin and health. We have analyzed the best brush and other grooming tools for your dog, ensure you check them out and purchase:
FURminator de shedding tool FURminator de shedding tool Ergonomic handle
Furejetor button
Durable and long lasting
Light weight
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DakPets Deshedding Brush DakPets De shedding Brush 100% risk free
High Quality
All sizes and shapes available
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Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Get rid of mats without hurting
Easy to clean
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Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Easy and effective
Short cleaning time
Perfect for both short and long haired
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 Pet De shedding Brush Glove Pet De shedding Brush Glove Perfect bath brush
Hair remover
Skin friendly
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Professional Magic Pro Deshedding Tool Professional Magic Pro Deshedding Tool Furrfection in a brush
Skin friendly
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Safari coastal de matting comp Safari coastal de matting comb Stainless steel blade
Support medium and long breeds
Long lasting
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Pet Grooming Brush Pet Grooming Brush Durable
Safe on skin use
Skin friendly
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GoPets Dematting Comb 100% money back guarantee
High quality
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Furminator Bathing Brush for Dogs Furminator Bathing Brush for Dogs Better penetration to skin
Dispenses shampoo and conditioner
High quality
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The following are top 10 best quality grooming tool:

1.    Furminator de shedding tool

It’s designed for large dogs with a weight of above 50 pounds. It reaches through the top coat to remove any loose hair without cutting skin or damaging undercoat. The tool is comfortable and easy to groom as it has an ergonomic handle.

Furminator de shedding tool
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2.    DakPets De shedding Brush

This tool is developed by specialists who have specialized in animal care. This tool will help reduce shedding up to 90 percent. This product is of variety of colors that is blue, yellow and pink brushes. Its 100 percent risk free as there is a money back guarantee in case of any problem with the tool. Made of 100mm and 4-inch heavy duty stainless steel comp and a safe blade cover. The handle is made of a rubber that is strong and non-slip grip. This brush is best for de shedding small and big animals and protects from skin irritation, it promotes a soft, smooth and a healthy skin.

DakPets De shedding Brush
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3.    Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko brush will remove loose hair and eliminate knots and dirt. It will get rid of mats without your dog feeling any kind of discomfort or pain, its designed to penetrate easily deep in the coat and groom without scratching. It’s easy to clean the tool, after one is done with grooming his or her dog, simply click the button and the bristles will move backwards that’s easy to remove hair from the brush.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
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4.    Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

It’s made with your pet’s comfort and enjoyment in mind for fun grooming experience throughout. Pro quality brush is very easy to clean the brush, just simply press the button and wipe the brush and it will be clean. Its gentle on skin and coat. The manufacturer offers full money back guarantee.

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
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5.    Pet De shedding Brush Glove

Has enhanced 255 silicone tips, this glove mimics the touch of your hand for a soft relaxing massage. The slip on the glove will help brush away loose hair and dirt. It’s perfect for short, long and dogs with curly hair. The shedding hair sticks on the glove tips thus easy to peel them out, the glove brush is skin friendly and does not affect the dog skin nor scratch.

Pet De shedding Brush Glove
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6.    Professional Magic Pro De Shedding Tool

This professional brush is guaranteed to reduce shedding up to 95 percent in just few minutes. The tool is extremely friendly and designed with much comfort. This brush is proved to keep your dog skin healthy, shiny and soft with its quality stainless steel blades.

Professional Magic Pro De Shedding Tool
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7.    Safari by coastal de matting comb

Its suitable for short and long haired pets. The stainless steel blade easily removes knots, tangles and mats. Always ensure you comp in the direction of the hair growth.

Safari by coastal de matting comb
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8.    Pet Grooming Brush

This tool is designed to last for long grooming period, the stainless steel blade is protected by a cover. Brush your dog skin regularly and reduce the hair on the house furniture and carpet by 95 percent and also reduce the risk of allergies. This manufacturer company offers 100 percent money back guarantee if one isn’t pleased with this product.

Pet Grooming Brush
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9.    GoPets De Matting Comb

It’s a double sided comb, lower density side is used as demitting rake. The higher density is used as a de shedding tool or to detangle. It has sharp teeth to prevent pulling thus comfortable and pleasant experience.

GoPets De Matting Comb
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10.  Furminator Bathing Brush for Dogs

This brush helps loosen hair for better shampoo and conditioner penetration. It has a lid where one can refill shampoo and conditioner to dispense.

Furminator Bathing Brush for Dogs
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Various types of grooming tool

Basic brushes

They are either made of plastic or wire bristles. The wire bristles help remove tangles in the undercoat, the plastic bristles help distribute oils in the skin, thus the skin is moisturized throughout. This brush is suitable for daily brushing, daily brushing will help prevent much shedding and matting.

Slicker brush

Designed for long coated dogs. It has fine bristles which help keep the fur in a good shiny condition. These slicker brushes are easy to clean as they are made with self-cleaning technique or design, this is where by you press the button, the bristles get backwards and you just wipe easily.


It’s ideal for smooth long coat on daily basis. It helps guide fur on the direction to lay and remove the minor tangles also. Ensure you do not hurt your dog by combing through minor tangles on the fur.

Hand gloves & mitts

These gloves or mitts have nobs which brush through German shepherd fur as you run down the glove down the fur, any loose hair collects on the nobs. This is the alternative to use if your dog does not like to feel bristle wires on the body. The nobs help distribute the skin oils and blood circulation through the body. One can use this gloves during bath to ensure the shampoo gets in the inner coat.

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Grooming tools required for German shepherd

One should choose a grooming tool depending on the dog’s coat:

  1. Short coat – for short coated German shepherd one needs 2 or 3 grooming tools. One needs undercoat rake brush for shedding seasonal undercoat. They also need daily grooming that’s one needs a mitt or glove.
  2. Medium coat- for medium coat, one requires only 3 grooming tools: a glove or mitt, basic brush and a comb.
  • Long coat- one requires three or two essential tools to keep his coat healthy. Basic brush for daily basis maintenance. A hand glove or a mitt for deep cleaning during bath time. A slicker brush to cover dirt and dust.

How to groom a German shepherd

Follow the following few tips when grooming your German shepherd:

  1. First check your dog’s coat for mats, tangles and knots. Use a mat detangling tool to remove the tangles and loose hair on the skin.
  2. one should use conditioner products before brushing the coat, always ensure you brush in the direction of air.
  3. Use loose pin to loosen any remaining undercoat.
  4. Use a soft bristle brush to lift away any loose hair and give your dog a shiny coat.
  5. As you groom, ensure you check the coat against fleas and ticks.

Can German shepherd be shaved?

It’s not advisable to shave a German shepherd dog, this because he will not look as he is supposed to. Secondly, the fur helps keep him warm during cold seasons. Fur also acts as an insulation against heat during hot seasons, this is where heat waves reflect off the far and keep him cooler.

How often should I bath my German shepherd?

One should bath him one every 3 to 4 months. Frequent baths will keep their skin dry and cause them to scratch and itch. Ensure you use a recommended dog shampoo. Note that human shampoo is not recommended on dogs.

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