All about German Shepherd

All about German Shepherd

The breed is abbreviated as GSD. GSD is a medium or large-size breed of dog that emerged from Germany. it has a wolf like appearance although it’s a modern breed dog. Due to their strength and intelligence, they are preferred for many tasks including searching and rescuing and other military and police roles. This breed is ranked second by the American kennel club and seventh by the kennel club in the UK.

The standard height of the breed is 60 to 65 centimeters for males and 55 to 60 centimeters for females. They have a domed forehead with brown medium size eyes and a long neck. German shepherd has a two-layer coat; in many cases they are black or red.

Task performance

German shepherds are known due to their high intelligence, they are also easy to train for simple tasks and obey the command given 97% of time. The GSD has ability to quickly takes instructions and interpret better than other breeds.

The GSD are most preferred for various tasks. They are used to track down gangs, patrol the crime scenes, detention of criminals. The GSD are also used in military camps to alert the soldiers on presence of enemies, they are trained on how to parachute from aircraft.

The breed also performs a variety of tasks using their sharp scent ability like detecting narcotics, explosives. German shepherd is used as a lead by those people who are visually impaired. Even today German shepherds are used for herding, they ensure that the sheep do not trespass the boundaries while grazing in the field


German shepherds were originally used to heard flocks in harsh climatic conditions, the double coat acts as a protection against rain, snow and dirt. German shepherd is known to shed a lot a year round. Brushing your German shepherd two or more times within a short time will help keep the fur clean and the coat healthy, also bathing your GSD more often will help keep the coat clean and healthy. Trim its nails, check its ears and eyes more frequent. German shepherds enjoy chewing a lot and it helps keep its teeth clean, brush its teeth with a soft tooth brush and a pet tooth paste will maintain its gums and teeth strong.


To keep your German shepherd healthy, one should check out the below tips to maintain the health of a GSD:

During hot days, give your German shepherd plenty of water, shelter him under a shade and a place with cool air, this will prevent the shepherds skin from overheating.

Select food wisely depending on the age of your German shepherd, watch allergens and also watch what it picks up with its mouth, one should also be aware of possible stomach irritants.

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